Welcome to the Second Sight Publishing Direct Market Portal.

Here you will find an all access portal to all things SSP.
What does that mean? Well, we are glad you asked.


SSP Direct Market Portal or DMP for short, will provide options

 for all our customers. Collectors will be able to get all of our hottest exclusives via the DMP, Retailers will be able to order securely and get our deepest discounts, some as much as 70% off; and all shipped securely to insure you get our products damage free.


The DMP will also offer a direct access for retailers who want to order a store exclusive for one or more of our titles with some of the artist we use for that special cover piece that gets you noticed.


General access, this is open for all of our customers to take advantage of our publicly offered exclusives.

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Collectors may sign up for free with SSP if they wish to do larger

 quantities of our exclusives.

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Retailers can sign up for free and receive their special access

 to insure they are getting our deep discounts and retailer incentives.

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